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My Research published by Intellect/JDSP

Feeling great joy to see that my article ‘Colours on the surface of my body in motion: The relationship between synaesthesia and dance improvisation’ is now published by Intellect in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (Vol 11: 1) – along with many rich articles on ‘Wright-ing the Somatic: Narrating the Bodily’. Heartfelt thanks […]

Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut

Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut – L. Heinecke & F. Löwe *** ich bin beschenkt diese neue Produktion von Laura Heinecke choreografisch begleiten zu dürfen. Das Erleben der Begegnung von Tanz und Malerei in vielfachen Facetten. Premiere 19.09. fabrik Potsdam Uraufführung! “Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut” schafft einen utopischen Raum, in dem […]

Jury Award for spectra

This is amazing! ‘spectra‘ won the Jury Award of 1st INTERNATIONAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL Freiburg! idea, concept, choreography, camera & editing: Stephanie Scheubeck dance & choreography: Marlène Colle sound & composition: Kavall happy happy happy ! Thanks to Theater Freiburg and the festival team for creating this opportunity and to the jury for awarding our film!



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