I works as dance artist, choreographer, filmmaker and researcher. My artistic work ranges from dance and digital performances to screendance filmmaking and audio-visual installations and is highly influenced by my own synaesthetic experiences and my studies in somatic practices. I work cross-disciplinary with an emphasis on collaborative creation processes. My projects aims to stimulate kinaesthetic empathy and sensory experience.

My area of research is the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance with the aim to promote synaesthesia as an example of diversity of perception in society. I presented the research at the symposiums Bodily Undoing: Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique at Bath Spa University (UK, 2017) and Narrating the Somatic: Gathering voices, sharing practices at Middlesex University London (UK, 2018). An article for the ‘Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice’ is currently under consideration.

Supported by Goethe Institute Ireland and Dance Limerick, I was invited to the Percolate Residency (IRL) 2018, to research and develop (R&D) my latest multi-art form production Sound & Colour Production. The production also was in R&D residency at Bath Spa University in June 2018, for which I received the DanceSeed Bursary from Bath Dance. Both residencies featured workshops, discussions and work-in-progress showings.

My audio-visual installation At the Vanishing Point  is exhibited in Nov. 2018 at Videoskin / Yukon (Canada) and was presented at the symposium ’AVBODY: Symposium on the Audiovisual Body’ (Huddersfield University/UK). My audio-visual installation murmurations was exhibited at Sion Hill/Bath Spa University in May 2018.

My screendance film spectra was awarded ‘Official Selection WomenCineMakers Biennal Edition’ featuring an interview on my artistic practice (spectra and Lucidity) and my research. In 2017, I received a scholarship from Goethe Institute Ireland to present spectra at Lightmoves Festival for Screendance (IRL).

I was invited to the Porthleven Prize residency in Cornwall, including workshops, lectures and creations in different artistic media such as audio production, fine art, photography and performance.

My MA Dance theses performance Lucidity at Bath Spa University (2017) was awarded with outstanding distinction.

I hold the Master of Arts in Dance with highest distinction from Bath Spa University (graduation in 2017).

Since 2018, I am an associate lecturer at Bath Spa University on the MA and BA in Dance programme.

I am co-founder of the collectives beatsecutse (music video productions), The Psychonautic Vibrogroove (synaesthetic performances/blending of live band, dance and visual art) and Collective B (screendance filmmaking).

I have been working internationally as a freelance dance artist and choreographer since 2007. My own productions have been shown at Light Moves Festival of Screendance (IRL), Bath Spa University (UK), Kaltstart Festival Hamburg (GER), SinemaDans Film Festival Ankara (TUR), The Edge Gallery Yukon (CAN), Dwellington Project Sydney (AUS), POOL-International Dance Film Festival Berlin (GER), E-Werk Freiburg (GER), Grüner Salon/Volksbühne & Townhall Berlin (GER), among many others.

As a performer and choreographer I worked with The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma (NY), Lisa May Thomas (UK), Willi Dorner (AUT), Minako Seki (JPN/ GER), Company Blu (ITA), Elias Cohen (CHL), Theatre T-Werk (GER), Theatre Pro (GER), Oetinger Publishing Group (GER), Theater Bonn (GER) and many more.

Previous studies include: Somatic Practitioner Training (Somatic Academy Berlin, 2016-2017), ThaiYoga Massage Practitioner (Sunshine House Greece, 2014), Physical Theater Dance & Butoh (KIM Berlin / Elias Cohen, Minako Seki, 2010), New Dance / Improvisation / Performance (TIP- Freiburg / Lilo Stahl, Bernd Ka, 2005-2007) and Musical Theater (Musicalstudio Neukölln, Janina Szarek, Berlin 2001-2002).

My approach to body and movement is further influenced by intensive studies in Qi Gong, body weather training, yoga, music and vocal art.

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’I am fascinated by the things that are not graspable but that surround and inhabit us. They are like colours in between – not visible to our eyes but sensible. I seek to embody and express them through performance so they become an experience for the audience.’

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